How Your Trip Could Change

  1. This tool only includes timetables for the following services: DASH, WMATA (Metrobus and Metrorail), ART, Fairfax Connector, Loudoun County Transit, OmniRide, CUE, DC Circulator, DC Streetcar, VRE, MARC, Ride On.
  2. Timetables for Metrobus routes in Alexandria will be finalized in late August.
  3. Buses arrive less frequently after 7 PM.
On September 5, Alexandria will have a new DASH network. WMATA will also implement complementary changes to some of their Alexandria routes. Overall, the DASH and Metrobus networks in Alexandria are switching from a design based on coverage—with many low-frequency lines that cover the entire city—to one of frequency, where key lines that form a grid across the city run every 15 minutes or better all day. Click here to learn more.
Use this tool to explore your travel using the new network. You can also compare trips on the new network to how you would currently make the trips. Use the search bar under "From" to search for or enter the place where you would begin your trip. Use the search bar under "To" to search for or enter the place you would want to go to. Use the time options under "Time" to select the time you want to leave/arrive, and the day of week. When you are done, press the "Compare Trips" button to compare how you would currently make the trip to how you would make it with the new DASH network.